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The ANI-Framework

mysoftwarelab develops the ANI-Framework, which enables 6.8 million C# developers to cost-effectively and efficiently develop blockchain applications and integrate them in the enterprise environment. The mysoftwarelab team has extensive experience in developing software solutions and has established itself as a leading provider of enterprise-level application development in recent years. By developing a blockchain framework based on .NET and C#, mysoftwarelab aims to enable 6.8 million C# developers to develop applications for the blockchain. Currently, there is no other solution that offers such an efficient framework on an enterprise-level.

Enterprise grade framework

ANI-Framework developers are an ecosystem of experienced freelancer and enterprise grade developer. We are working together to create a better ecosystem for 6.8 million C# and .NET developer and bring them to the Blockchain. ANI can be used in public, private and permissioned Blockchains, to secure your data privacy as a company. An enterprise grade framework is characterized by getting the right support for the project. The mysoftwarelab offers various services for the ANI framework.

  • Developer Through our experienced enterprise level developers and commnuinty, you can always get help and ask questions about your project in our ANI forum.
  • Standard support You need support for your project and have questions? Our standard support helps you not only with questions about the ANI-Framework, but also with implementation questions.
  • Enterprise Level Support Enterprise support is dedicated to you and your project. Prioritized support and production level support for all your business critical applications.
  • ConsultingANI offers you to start your Blockchain project with ANI-experts who develop Blockchains on the highest technical and business level.
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Blockchains for ANI

ANI-Framework uses the Solana blockchain to implement projects cost-effectively and efficiently, allowing transaction-intensive projects to be implemented at low cost. In 2024, ANI launched a cross-chain bridge for interoperability of your project with other blockchains.

Build your project with ANI-Framework

There are multiple use cases where ANI can help you and your project. Have a look into our use cases where ANI already helps developers around the world.

Real estate Developers using ANI to build a platfrom for tokenization of property shares and earnings to pay a dividend to each token holder.


Media content Tradeyourchannel is a Web3 platform to not only tokenize content by using native Web3 libraries, moreover to tokenize content-creator channels. 

Exchanges Create a decentralized exchange for your financial institution and assets by using ANI as commercially supported framework.

Physical goods ANI users tokenize physical goods and their co-owenship e.g. usage of cat parts or the provenrance of food with standard C# skill sets. 


Accounting You can create risk minimization processes directly in Visual Studio for e.g. licence payments or exact payments for car parts from supplier.

Your fantasyThe brilliant thing about the blockchain and the Web3 is that there are no limits to your imagination. We would be happy to hear more about your projects with ANI.

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