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SAAS/Web Development

Full-stack Web Development

Producing highly marketable end to end solutions, the developers at mysoftwarelab give you a complete package. Whether it is front end, back end, database management, or a whole project from scratch to end, everything is done under a single platform. We have expertise in every department of SAAS/Web Development. From the point of laying the foundation of a website to its final finished form, our developers are capable of doing it with excellence.


Creating secure system for your business is of crucial importance in the development process. Different security issues are dealt differently as per the needs of the system. There are numerous security threats including DoS, Cross Site Scripting, injection flaws, broken authentication, insecure cryptographic storage and many more. Businesses are quite concerned about the security of their website/app. Developers at mysoftwarelab know how to tackle the vulnerabilities of a system with efficacy. Various checks for incoming data or using encryption techniques for security are few of them. We use a mix of automated tools plus manual audit to check any security issues in the product and ensure secure and safe systems for your business.


mysoftwarelab has delivered outstanding websites/apps in the following sectors and served clients all over the world.

Financial Services

Suite Of Technologies

You let us know your business requirements and we let you know the technologies best suited for that.

ASP .Net
ASP .Net Core

How we do it

The process of creating rich UIs, strong architecture and secure products precisely tailored for you are developed through the following process.

mySoftwareAsset`s - BUDGET

Software BUDGET planning and forecast for enterprise companies

Managing budgets in different departments of software development process and its promotion is the most crucial and challenging task for any company. Here your success is defined by facts and figures and important decision are taken for a productive future of your business. We make use of charts and strategies to achieve the unsurpassed results. mysoftwarelab is always looking ahead of time to allocate your resources in the best possible way and monitoring the effects of its planning and future forecasting for enterprise companies. We allocate your resources systematically and efficiently to get you maximum out of your business.

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LELKA is a B2C and B2B platform where end customers and retailers get in touch. The main focus here is on technical support for retailers and their delivery logistics. LELKA enables the retailer to retain existing customers, attract new customers through the online presence, increase sales and collect and pack pre-orders.

The online store is ready within seconds of registration and can even be personalized.

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