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About Us

The Journey

The expedition of our struggle at mysoftwarelab begins in early 2002 when we came up with the idea of delivering IT based solutions to businesses all over the world. We have been working for the companies and also the individual clients and providing IT solutions to all business-related issues. We have delivered in various countries like Germany, US, UAE, UK, and many others.

IT industry is the only industry in the world whose patterns, working methodologies and styles change every single day. This is the biggest challenge for every IT company. The companies, who do not go along with the market trends, lag behind and cannot stay for long in the industry. The reason for our sustainability for such a long period is the feature of adapting to new ideas and emerging disciplines of IT industry. This adds to the credibility of our company that we are always welcoming the change. We do not believe in sticking to oldies. Rather we believe in taking the best out of everything and also welcome the change as and when needed. That’s why our range of services is quite broad. i.e. from software build-ups to mobile app development, from customer support to cyber security, from website development to resource allocation and management. We have satisfied multiple local and foreign clients. mysoftwarelab holds the credit of investing and supporting start-ups. We believe that new ways to do things and surviving in the market stream of competitors is possible only through giving life to new ideas. This not only generates opportunities but also gives new dimensions to the already existing business patterns. So, we are always supporting new start-ups and we are always interested in investing our resources into new ideas.

Long journeys are never easy and that holds true for mysoftwarelab. We have come a long way to reach where we are today. But the journey has also paid off. Our every project is nifty in its appearance and adaptable to varying platforms. And we also know that we still have a long way to go. To serve you through your journey, we will be recognised as the ultimate solution providers.

Compatible with Varying Technologies

We are continuously focussing on every emerging technology of the IT industry. Our team is great at learning any new advancements in the field. We not only focus on the evolving methodologies of building apps and products, but we also focus on developing new techniques for testing the usability, efficiency and reliability of the products. That’s why our systems are quite compatible with changing platforms.

Supporting Start-ups

We can make your business idea a real success. At mysoftwarelab, you are in safe hands, we promise. We are providing you the opportunity to execute your new business idea in the finest way, make it a success and get your share in the competing market and believe us, it is just a few steps ahead. Let’s get on the stream and realize bigger dreams…

Our Mission
Our aim always is to deliver the best no matter what. Our objective is to stay straight forward and true to you and ourselves. We are building our identity as a brand and for that we deliver the finest quality work. You will never remorse working with us. We have the understanding of what your ideas mean to you and we try our best to give live meaning to those ideas.
Who we are
mysoftwarelab recognizes itself as the ultimate solution providing company. Our departments include an enormous range of products and services and our team is capable to make your ideas and dreams a certainty. We not only give you the services but we also give you consultancy regarding anything you need. mysoftwarelab is a credible source for your business plans. Let’s make it happen…

Meet the core of our team

Our team is our pride. Meet the people who are working around the world to make mysoftwarelab a success.

Andreas Indorf
Andreas Indorf
Founder An experienced software architect and technical project manager, Andreas knows to get things done without being stressful. Giving due credit to people, maintaining a progressive environment across the company, a true leader and a great representative of his team.
Nikolas Sianavas
Project Manager A great project is through a great management. Nikolas holds speciality in managing and supervising projects with precision and has never disappointed in his department.
Bishnu Tewary
Development Lead Taking all the team members together in the right direction is what makes Bishnu a true team lead. He is doing this job flawlessly. A competent guy who takes the responsibility of leading from the front.
Rohit Tewari
Developer Being an enthusiastic yet insightful developer of mysoftwarelab, Rohit’s hard work shows in his devotion. An excellent coder and a dedicated member, always showing a proactive attitude.
Saurabh Deep
UI/UX Designer Good UI of any project promises better user experience, which in turn gives you better business. With his brand specific yet clear and easy graphics, Saurabh is delivering high quality designs for any of your product.

+ over 30 additional freelancers are working with mysoftwarelab on your success!