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Software Development

Windows Desktop Application Development

Though the web apps dominate the IT industry today, but this does not mean that desktop apps are dead and they have no future. The significance of desktop apps is still there because of various reasons. These apps do not have to be connected to the Internet. As these apps are connected to user’s PC/laptop, their performance is much higher than the web apps. Running various complex algorithms is easier in desktop apps rather than web apps. Thread utilization is easier and more effective here. People are more at ease with desktop apps because these are not complex like web apps and development process is relatively easier. Desktop apps will always offer better benefits than web apps, for example higher degree of privacy, better data management, etc. Being there in IT industry for nearly two decades, developers at mysoftwarelab have a vast experience of developing featured desktop applications empowered with updated technological growth in IT industry.

Windows Services

Windows Services are the executable applications which are capable of running for long in their specific Windows sessions. The difference between other apps and windows services is that these apps run in the background and do not have any UI. Windows services are used when we need to add features like event logging, backing up the system, web serving, file serving, speaker sound, user credentials, network connections, or error reporting. Windows Services run automatically when the system starts without interacting with the user working on the same system and these keep running even if the user has logged off. Our developers have got their experience in Windows Services applications long ago and still updating. Windows Services apps developed at mysoftwaralab are very accurate and efficient in their functionality. We specialize in services like computer browser service, DNS client service, active directory service and many others.

Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise application development follows a complex methodology because of its vastness in requirement. Incorporating various technical and methodological features is part of its development procedure. For example, there are very high user demands by customers, investors, workers, etc. That’s why powerful, scalable and future-proof solutions are required to meet the long-term needs. mysoftwarelab’s expert developers have experience of developing such featured systems with maximum technical expertise. We develop these software apps in compliance with digitalization and automization. We always look into the future in development because these apps must be capable for any future changes in structure. As these apps are meant to be used widely regardless of cultures or regions, so these apps are developed considering these features for sustainability.

Our products our pride

Mobile app is the need of today and business of tomorrow. mysoftwarelab can proudly present its portfolio in mobile app development. We launch it more like a brand than just an app.

Building ingenious products for you

We are offering great products which are not only fully featured, but are capable of generating great revenues. This is how we do it: