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Mobile Apps Development

iOS App Development

Apple’s specific Operating System for the development of compatible apps for Apple devices. iOS development is quite tricky when it comes to developing compatible iOS apps. There are millions of iOS apps available on app store but to deliver future sustainable apps, mysoftwarelab allocates special resources to the process of deployment of features in the app and concentrated testing. We make sure that iOS products developed at mysoftwarelab not only look pretty but also work efficiently and are capable of delivering great user experience.

Android App Development

Powered by Google, Android is especially designed Operating System for the development of apps for mobile devices which are compatible with this system. Android apps are a trademark of mysoftwarelab. Our developers are converting beautiful attractive designs into fully functional apps which look and function absolutely excellent. Our user-friendly apps are being developed for layman, who enjoys our apps with comfort.

Cross-Platform/Xamarin App Development

Experience a new era of apps development with Xamarin, a cross-platform mobile app development technology. We are proud of our expertise in Xamarin development. The same native apps in iOS or Android are built in C# with Xamarin and their performance is enhanced. The basic idea behind is sharing of C# logic or UI Code when developing these apps. mysoftwarelab is delivering robust apps in this sector while keeping your apps compatible with the latest emerging technology.

React Native

Another cross-platform technology, React Native, is used for targeting specifically mobile platforms. Using the same JavaScript library, we are capable of developing apps for varying platforms like web, iOS and Android at the same time with React Native. It really reduces the resources to build mobile apps and thus the development process is short and easy. Our apps get super-fast and we instantly get the changes we save on a page with this unified cross platform technology. Our developers are continuously incorporating the latest technologies like React Native for the development of your mobile apps which are robust and give good user experience.

Cross-Platform/Apache Cordova App Development

Businesses love the apps which are more platform independent. Apache Cordova, aka Phone gap, is serving the purpose because it has eased the development procedure and is also a money and time saver technology for businesses. It is like a single answer to multiple platforms. It is just the HTML, CSS and JavaScript at the front end and you are good to go. mysoftwarelab is offering you superb mobile apps with its expertise in Apache Cordova. If you are looking for a rational system to target multiple platforms, we are offering you exactly that.

Our products our pride

Mobile app is the need of today and business of tomorrow. mysoftwarelab can proudly present its portfolio in mobile app development. We launch it more like a brand than just an app.

Hybrid Vs Native Apps

There is a difference of construction processes and technology used to build both types of apps. Native apps are build for a specific platform to perform in a single working model. Hybrid apps are built with technologies like HTML, JavaScript or CSS and these are then incorporated into some Native apps. That’s why there will be a difference in the performance, efficiency and security. But at mysoftwarelab, we don’t let you compromise on anything. Our experts make it sure that your app, whether Native or Hybrid, must fulfill all the performance, efficiency and security checks. Moreover, our advisory team is always here to guide you along the way about which app suits your system. You are going to relish any app you are going to get from us.

Building ingenious products for you

We are offering great products which are not only fully featured, but are capable of generating great revenues. This is how we do it: